Online Info & Support

More to come soon, but here will be a list of educational resources and supportive organizations for any aspect of a sex-positive lifestyle.

If you have any resources to add, or need help finding one, please email to


SWOP is an incredible organization that creates a safe community for sex workers. They are based out of many major metropolitan areas, including my city, Chicago. I have personally received so much support whether it be legal advice, workshops on safety, or health resources. Please visit and support them in your area to create solidarity among sex workers of all types.


We all see the stickers about (maybe not enough!) but do you know what they mean? HRC is an incredible hardworking organization that, in my opinion, does far more than try to just send a message. They create jobs for the LGBTQ community while also providing awareness and education to those who need it. This organization is working hard to make sure that all people may live as normal people – as they should. Take the time to research their work, and if you can – DONATE. This is an organization that is truly changing the world.


RAINN provides much needed awareness and support around a struggle that far more people face than our culture likes to acknowledge. The recent past had shamed all issues regarding sex including sexual abuse. Organizations like these are changing the world by removing the stigma, empowering victims, and educating all types about the effects of non-consensual sexual abuse. This is the type of action that will start to eliminate this type of trauma from so many people’s lives. Again – research and support. If you can’t support monetarily, reach out and spread the word. If you need help – you can turn to them! Help stop the cycle and promote openness and awareness.

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