24 Cups Of Coffee

I’m antisocial.

This is a recent realization that I’ve had which was honestly shocking. I never considered myself antisocial because I find myself around people almost constantly. I feel myself regularly wishing I connected with certain people more.

Most of us hustle hard, get wrapped up in our own bullshit and perceptions, and we forget to just live and connect with another person. This is the social structure I was raised on particularly with the uprise of the digital age and social media.

Texts, emails, and even just likes on Facebook have somehow become acceptable form of relationship management in lieu of a phone call, or even something as simple as a cup of coffee.

I’m busy as fuck but I’m human and NEED to connect. We all do. We are depriving ourselves of a need that is essential to our total happiness and well being. We need to learn, feel, and empathize in connections and one-on-one interactions. We can place all fear and judgments at the door and simply share an hour listening and speaking to someone we have interest in connecting with.

So I’m challenging myself. I’m going to hurdle the fear of connection, and leave my antisocial overwhelm at home. I’m going to forget about all the possibilities, what I could be doing, my grocery list. I’m going to ignore work, my phone, my computer. I’m going to listen and stop waiting for my turn to speak.

I’m going to have 24 cups of coffee in 24 days and ask that 24 different people take an hour to connect with me.

I’m going to get my ass out of the house for 24 days in a row, and overcome the anxiety that this culture has instilled in me, and get to know people I care about.

So! How can you help? Just have coffee with me. Or tea, or water. I’ll be having coffee though. Lets meet at a coffee shop of your choice – yours, please. Starbucks or your favorite hipster spot.

Then, tell me about you. Be open. Connect with me. Allow me to connect with you. Or don’t, we could play scrabble. Whatever you’re comfortable with. I really actually just want to have an hour with you. No phones, no social media, no distractions. I’m not always the most present friend – but I’m trying, and I ask that you give me a chance to learn and connect, and give us an hour together.

I think there is so much to learn in just an hour of open connection.

I plan to do this over Mercury Retrograde April 9th – May 3rd. So, please message me so we can have a cup of coffee – if I don’t message you first. I’m going to try my damnest to complete this in this 24-day period and check back in on how I feel. I won’t be sharing any personal details of my coffee date’s lives although maybe we can take a selfie. I will be reporting on my own progress during this experience.

PLEASE do not hesitate to contact me if you want to be involved or just wish me luck 🙂

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