Screening for Escorts & Sugar Babies

When you are trusting your safety to a strange man, you must collect as much data as possible. Here is a rough example of the screening form I use, with commentary, to illustrate what you may want to gather from your potential date. Remember – sugar daddies do not mean less danger. In fact, some men choose that route to find the more naive.

* marks REQUIRED information! That means no exceptions!

*Full legal name- no aliases!

Always require a full legal name – and check ID. If someone can not trust you with this information, you probably shouldn’t trust them. When a visitor is hesitant, explain that you are both taking risks and mutual trust is absolutely required. If you do not have a real name and something goes wrong – there is nothing you can do to help yourself.



ALL contact information is needed. You must be able to connect this person’s information to make sure they have a real identity and presence.


*Resident City & State

If they are visiting, figure out where they are from. It will help in your screening. Often men that are traveling have more opportunity to indulge, but make sure you have some back-story.



Again, all contact information for screening. google voice is not acceptable. Some men will have a separate line for their hobby, so this can be brushed aside IF they can provide the rest of the information.

Date of Birth/Age

This is more for your own preference. In my experience, I really only have great experiences with visitors between 30-55. Everyone has their own preference. But in any case it’s good to know who you are meeting.


*Employment Information

*Company Name


*Company Website (or) LinkedIn

YES! All of this. You do not need to contact their work but they should have some sort of proof that they have a job that makes them a person on the map. This also allows for you to likely find a photo of them online to ensure identity. This is information that anyone trustworthy should be willing to share.


*Preferred Method of Contact / Safe Time to Contact

You want to not only protect the discretion that is so important to your visitor but you want to show them that you care. This is part of your job if you are in an escort or SB position. Otherwise- no gain. You MUST protect your visitor’s privacy for them and yourself.


Companion Reference #1 / Companion Reference #2

Of course there will be newbies – and get ALL info from those gentlemen. However, many of these men have had at least some experience. For SB’s, any references are helpful, but always make sure they are real – ask if they have a profile you can see or try to google it. For escorts,. the general rule is that a reference over 2 years old is invalid. Most men should easily have 2 or at least one reference within the last year. I do not like taking references over a year old. Always look up the reference to ensure that she is a reputable and REAL provider.


Verification Service/Verification Service ID

Gather any and all verification information. Many men who approach this correctly will have one of the following: (P411), (RS2K), It is not uncommon to not have this type of third-party verification, in which case do not bend on collecting all other information.


*Additional Information (Interests, Physical Stats, Outfit Requests, etc

This is more for personal interest so you can engage your visitor properly in a way that appeals to him by knowing a bit about him before he comes. That being said, it also allows an opportunity for you to assess the visitor’s openness and friendliness or attitude. A phone call subsequent to receiving this information is also beneficial for that same reason. You can get a very good feel for people in these ways, and remember that you are not obligated to see anyone! ALWAYS TRUST YOUR GUT!


additionally – important!!!!

ALWAYS run people through This is an incredible service for all types of sex workers. It is the most advanced database I have experienced in my many years in the industry. It provides phone lookups, data collects, and also allows for any women to make reports on men whether good or bad. It is also very exclusive and women must be verified to join so you can rest assured that the information you receive is accurate.

I recommend this site to ANYONE whether sex-worker or a woman who enjoys casual sexual adventures.

Click the banner to visit the site.


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